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Assassins Creed the Board Game

In this game, players take on the role of assassins in the ancient city
of Constantinople. Your goal is to seek out targets and take them down,
grab treasure when you can, and keep an eye out for the guards? and your

At the start of each players turn, they draw an Event card. These cards
can spawn new targets in the outer city, move guards, or allow you to
find a tunnel to another section of the city.

Moving guards is a great
way to get them away from you and place them near your opponents.
Targets cannot be assassinated while a guard is nearby, but fortunately
the guards can be dispatched if need be.

Cards in hand drive the action, but they are also your hit points. If
you run out of cards in hand, you die. But just like in a video game,
you will soon respawn back at your starting area. Moving and attacking
targets (or your fellow players) requires playing cards, so doing too
much all at once can be risky. Couple that with trying to avoid the
guards and you are in for a tension-filled game of cat-and-mouse.

replenish your hand, complete objectives on your movement cards or hide.
Hiding in the outer city is easy and grants you lots of extra cards.

When you enter the merchant district or the area around the palace,
there just arent as many places to hide and you will not draw many

Combat is handled through cardplay. No dice required, although a
six-sided die is included to resolve some guard movement. Do you save
your best cards for movement or to go in for the kill? He who risks the
most has the chance for the most reward!

Based on the world of Assassins Creed, the long-running, ongoing and
award-winning vide

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Verlag: Cryptozoic
ISBN-10: 1617683191
ISBN-13: 9781617683190
erschienen: 2014
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